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The highly anticipated opening of Yama Sushi Emporium, the concept and vision of Co-Owners of Ōku Asian Eatery Chef/restaurateur duo Ryan Shell and Darren Badenhorst (Le coin Français, Le chêne and Tuk Tuk Microbrewery), is here.

The two acclaimed chefs, with over 30 years of hospitality experience, are pooling their culinary prowess to create Franschhoek’s first dedicated Sushi restaurant, Takeaway and Asian retail venue.

Total renovations of the interior and exterior ensure a purpose designed space to create a casual, calming and refined eating and retail experience.

Conceptualised on a culinary exploration of Indonesia in 2013, Darren and Ryan were especially inspired by the Gili Islands.

The two chefs had ample time to refine the idea whilst working together to feed the Franschhoek community during the Covid-19 lock down period, resulting in a thoroughly conceptualised, authentic and flavour packed food and beverage offering, as well as the ability to understand the requirements of running multiple restaurants, venues and takeaways  in the most safe and secure way possible by following the strictest Covid -19 protocols.

Bookings essential to avoid disappointment. 

California Rolls

Salmon or tuna (8pc) – R110

Avocado, sushi rice & salmon

Tempura prawn (8pc) – R145

Deep-fried prawn, sushi rice, spring onion & Yama sweet chilli

Vegetarian (8pc) – R85

Cucumber, carrot, avocado & pickled radish

White fish roll (8pc) – R110

Avocado, sushi rice, white fish & salsa

Fashion Sandwiches

Salmon or tuna (8pc) – R130

Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise

Prawn (8pc) – R120

Prawn, avocado, mayonnaise

Vegetable (8pc) – R110

Cucumber, avocado, carrot, mayonnaise & pickled radish

Stacker (6pc) – R125

Salmon, tuna, prawn, sushi rice, mayonnaise, caviar

Chef’s Signature

Bamboo roll (8pc) – R195

Cucumber, avocado, salmon, tuna spiced prawn, mayonnaise & teriyaki sauce

Sashimi roll (8pc) – R165

White fish, salmon, tuna, avocado & caviar 

Yama tower (6pc) – R175

Deep-fried tuna or salmon roll, spring onion, Yama spicy mayonnaise, Yama sweet chilli sauce & teriyaki sauce

Yama speciality roll (8pc) – R165

California tuna, rock shrimp, spring onion & black bean mayonnaise

Spicy bean curd selection (6pc) * – R165

2pc salmon, 2pc tuna, 2pc prawn, sushi rice, bean curd, mayonnaise

 Rainbow reload (8pc) * – R155

Salmon, avocado, tuna, caviar, spring onion, 7 spice, mayonnaise & teriyaki sauce

Tiger Roll (8pc)  – R155

Avocado, prawn, mayonnaise, caviar, sushi rice

Spicy tuna or salmon roll (8pc) * – R165

Spiced tuna or salmon, Yama chilli & spring  onion

Franschhoek roll (8pc) – R175

Deep-fried prawn, bean curd, avocado, spring onion & siracha sauce

Prawn crunch roll (8pc) – R155

Sushi rice, deep-fried prawn, cream cheese, sweet chilli & mayonnaise


Edamame (V) – R75 

Steamed and salted young soybeans

Walnuts (V, N) – R100

Roasted, honey, chili, seven spice

Tuna tataki – R160

Nori, wasabi mayo, pickled ginger mousse

Tempura broccoli (V) – R75 

Tempura, sweet & sour sauce

Saldanha bay oyster *- R55

Nuoc cham, black garlic mayonnaise, crispy spring onion

Crispy squid * – R110

Szechuan pepper, fuchi,apple, honey

 Prawn toast  * – R155

Chinese cabbage, kewpie, togaroshi

Yakiniku  – R105

Pork belly, honey, soy, ginger



Sweet potato (V) – R80 

Crispy wonton, massaman, coconut, lemongrass, cashews, daikon kimchi

Prawn (N) – R100

Pan-fried gyoza, chestnut, fennel, teriyaki, sesame

Duck (N) * – R105 

Wonton, ginger, cabbage, chili, shitake, duck broth

Pork – R115

Dan dan, steamed dim sum, Szechuan, chili, walnuts, pickled apple

Beef  * – R125

Rendang beef shin dumpling, pho broth, bean sprout, spring onion, chili


Noodle Bowls

King oyster (V) – R115 

Soba, tofu, mushroom age-dashi, onion, coriander, bok choi, pickled cucumber

Crispy duck * – R165

Ramen, ponzu cured egg, red cabbage kimchi, nori, corn, carrot, bean sprouts, spring onion

Chicken *  – R130 

Biang biang, ponzu cured egg, cabbage, nori, corn, carrot, basil and lime, togarashi

Seared tuna * – R130

Udon, shitake, togaroshi, anise, ponzu cured egg, kimchi, nori


Sashimi & Nigiri

Salmon or tuna nigiri (4pc) – R110

Sushi rice & salmon or tuna

Vegetarian nigiri (4pc) – R85

Avocado, mayonnaise & sushi rice

Salmon or tuna sashimi (6pc) – R175

Traditional sliced salmon or tuna

New style salmon or tuna ponzu (6pc) – R180

Salmon slices, ponzu sauce & sesame seed oil

White fish sashimi (6pc) – R135

Ponzu sauce, white fish & salsa

Seared sashimi tuna or salmon (6pc) – R165

Salmon or tuna, salsa, 7 spice & ponzu

Salmon roses (4pc) – R135

Avocado, sushi rice, salmon, mayonnaise & caviar

Reloaded roses (4pc) – R145

Salmon, sushi rice, spicey prawn, spring onion & teriyaki sauce

Maki & Handrolls

Salmon, prawn, or tuna maki (6pc) – R75

Sushi Rice & salmon, tuna, or prawn

Vegetarian maki (6pc) – R50

Avocado & sushi rice

Salmon, tuna, or prawn handroll (1pc) – R80

Salmon, tuna or prawn, sushi rice, avocado, sesame seeds, mayonnaise


Asama platter (8pc) – R160

4pc Salmon Roses & 4pc salmon fashion sandwich 

Yari platter (12pc) – R185

4pc Yama Speciality, 4pc spicy tuna or salmon & 4pc salmon roses

Minami platter (14pc) – R190

4pc salmon fashion sandwich, 4pc tempura prawn & 6pc tuna maki

Fuji platter (16pc) – R295

4pc tempura roll, 4pc rainbow reloaded, 4pc salmon roses & 4pc bamboo rolls

Yama Platter (32pc) – R450

8pc California, 6pc salmon roses, 6pc maki, 6pc nigiri & 6pc sashimi

Sashimi Platter (12pc) – R310

3pc salmon, 3pc tuna, 3pc prawn, 3pc white fish

Nigiri platter (12pc) – R260

3pc prawn, 3pc tuna, 3pc white fish, 3pc salmon

Poké Bowls

Tofu  (V) * – R90

Red cabbage, sesame, sambal olek 

Tuna – R125

Avocado, bean sprout, garlic, coriander

Salmon – R145

Cucumber, radish, spring onion, avocado


Eryngii Mushroom(V)  – R80

Panko, pickled cucumber, teriyaki 

Wagyu * – R90

Carrot, chilli, kimchi

Korean chicken – R80

Kimchi, radish, sesame



Corn & Miso (V) * – R90

Charred corn, tofu, coriander

Tom yum * – R105

Prawn, shiitake, coconut, chili, lime

Chicken broth – R100

Chicken, shitake, ginger, spinach



Fried rice  (V) * – R75

Egg, ginger, garlic, chili, soy, coriander, shitake, hiratake

Corn rice (V) * – R70

Steamed jasmine rice, corn, soy butter

Noodles (V) – R65

Egg noodles, spring onion, ponzu, ginger, miso, egg yolk

Braised baby cabbage (V)  – R65

Coconut, puffed rice guranṓra, togarashi

Stir fry vegetables (V) * – R60

Sesame, honey, chili, soy



Japanese cheesecake  (V)  – R95

Strawberry and citrus compote, miso caramel

Coconut custard (V)  – R90

Coconut, honey, matcha, sesame tuille

Matcha chocolate mousse – R110

Wonton, orange, mugi chai ice cream

Shãbetto (V)  – R80

Plum, passionfruit, coconut


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